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We Offer Referral Fees!

Know someone who wants to SELL a home?


Refer them to us and we will pay you !!

If they complete a deal with us!!


No limit on numbers of referral



Become a Bird Dog!

Interested in Real Estate? Looking to make some quick and easy cash? SEND ME LEADS! Yes, it really is that SIMPLE. Any leads I can convert you get $1000.00 just like that.


How does it work?

Become a Bird Dog! I know it sounds funny right LOL. Becoming a Bird Dog is simple...Whether you're driving to work, to the grocery store, or dropping the kids off at school; If you see any vacant or run-down houses, simply send them my way! Or maybe you already know someone who is looking to sell. Get me their info and i'll take care of it from there. Being a Bird Dog is just that simple! If you're interested DM me now!

How to Spot a lead

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