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That Guy Properties Management is a full service locally owned and operated company that has proudly served Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Our Services

Finding Good Tenants

That Guy Properties Management screens tenants by running credit checks, background checks, verifying income and receiving references from former landlords. This enables us to provide a high degree of confidence in placing a tenant into your property. Ask us about our tenant guarantee program because of the confidence we have in our screening process.

After the screening process and the applicant is ready to become a tenant, we prepare a lease and have it signed by the applicant. When a lease is signed, the tenant gives us a security deposit. The first month’s rent is paid when we hand keys to the tenant. We also have a set procedure for move in and this minimizes move out confusion. Ultimately this saves you headaches and money.

Collect Rent

Rent is collected monthly in a manner which is a smooth

and convenient for the tenants. These services make it a

smooth and profitable process for you. Funds are disbursed

to you at the end of each month. In the rare circumstance

when a tenant fails to pay rent, we provide eviction services

as part of your ongoing management fee. This is rare due to

our screening services up front. We also develop individual

payment plans with delinquent tenants enabling them to

get current through which minimizes the cost of evictions.


When a tenant moves out of your property, we advertise the availability of your property. This process begins immediately when notice to vacate is received. Through the use of various online portals, we immediately generate interest in the property and minimize vacancy periods. We monitor the market place in order to maximize rental income.

Repairs and Maintenance of your Property

We use self-employed vendors who are insured to handle repairs and maintenance. Due to the unique relationship we have with these vendors, they respond very quickly to repair and maintenance requests. The vendors bill us and we pay for their services. This makes your headaches less and provides assurance on the continued upkeep of your property. We do this without an extra charge to you. Many other property managers up charge you for these services.

Our vendors also complete repairs very quickly after a vacancy which minimizes the amount of time your property remains vacant

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